CSB Database

Economy and Finance

Business Tendency  Annual data   Short-term data
Consumer Prices    Annual data    Short-term data  Archive
Government Finances   Annual data    Short-term data
Gross Domestic Product (ESA 2010) – GDP  Annual data   Short-term data
Gross Domestic Product (ESA 2010) – Regional accounts  Annual data
Gross Domestic Product (ESA 2010) – Sector accounts  Annual data   Short-term data
Gross Domestic Product (ESA 95)   Archive
Indicators of Banks  Archive
Investment  Annual data   Short-term data  Archive
Producer Prices   Annual data    Short-term data  Archive


Enterprise Finances   Annual data    Short-term data
Enterprise groups    Annual data
Indicators of foreign affiliates  Annual data
Innovation  Annual data
Number of Enterprises   Annual data   Archive
Structural business statistics   Annual data


Fertility   Annual data
Life expectancy   Annual data
Marriages and Divorces   Annual data   Short-term data
Migration  Annual data
Mortality   Annual data   
Population Census   Annual data
Population Characteristics   Annual data
Population: Number and Change   Annual data   Short-term data
Population  Archive
Territorial Statistics (Experimental Statistics)   Annual data

Social Processes

Composition of Households (SILC)   Annual data
Crime    Annual data
Culture – Culture    Annual data
Culture – Social and Cultural Participation (SILC ad-hoc modules)    Annual data
Education – Adult Education   Annual data
Education – Education   Annual data  Archive
Education – Educational Attainment of Population (Labour Force Survey)   Annual data    Short-term data
Education – Higher education institutions and colleges   Annual data
Education – General schools   Annual data
Education – Pre-school establishments   Annual data
Education – Vocational education  Annual data
Employment and Unemployment – Unemployment   Annual data    Short-term data
Employment and Unemployment – Economic activity    Annual data    Short-term data
Employment and Unemployment – Employment    Annual data     Short-term data
Employment and Unemployment  Archive
Health – European Health Interview Survey  Annual data
Health – Health   Annual data  Archive
Health – Health and Children`s Health (SILC ad-hoc modules)   Annual data
Health – Health Care Institutions and Professionals   Annual data
Health – Self-perceived Health Status (SILC)    Annual data
Household Budget (SILC) – Income    Annual data
Household Budget (HBS) – Expenditure   Annual data
Household Budget (HBS) – Consumption   Annual data  Archive
Housing Conditions (SILC)   Annual data
Justice    Annual data  Archive
Labour Costs   Annual data   Short-term data
Occupied posts and vacancies, working hours  Annual data   Short-term data  Archive
Poverty and Inequality (SILC) – Material deprivation (SILC)  Annual data
Poverty and Inequality (SILC) – Minimum income level (SILC)   Annual data
Poverty and Inequality (SILC) – Monetary poverty and income inequality    Annual data
Purchasing Power    Annual data
Quality of Life – Well-being and Life Satisfaction (SILC ad-hoc modules)   Annual data
Social Security – Pensions and Benefits   Annual data    Short-term data
Social Security – Social Protection and Out-of-family Care    Annual data
Sport    Annual data  Archive
Structure of Earnings Survey  Survey 2006  Survey 2010  Survey 2014
Wages and Salaries   Annual data   Short-term data  Archive

Industry, Construction, Trade and Services

Construction    Annual data   Short-term data   Archive
Industry   Annual data   Short-term data  Archive
Real Estate    Annual data  Archive
Trade and Services   Annual data   Short-term data  Archive

Transport and Tourism

Tourism – Accommodation   Annual data    Short-term data
Tourism – General indicators    Annual data  Archive
Tourism – Tour operator    Annual data
Tourism – Trips of Latvian residents   Annual data
Tourism – Trips of non-resident travellers    Annual data
Transport – Freight traffic  Annual data   Short-term data
Transport – Passenger traffic Annual data    Short-term data
Transport – Road traffic accidents   Annual data   Short-term data
Transport – Vehicles and transport roads   Annual data    Short-term data
Transport  Archive

Foreign trade in goods

Exports and Imports – according to NACE and BEC    Annual data    Short-term data
Exports and Imports by country, country group and territory   Annual data   Short-term data
Exports and Imports – Detailed data in breakdown by country and commodity (CN) at 2-digit level   Short-term data
Exports and Imports – Detailed data in breakdown by country and commodity (CN) at 4-digit level   Short-term data
Exports and Imports – Detailed data in breakdown by country and commodity (CN) at 8-digit level   Short-term data

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

Agricultural census and farm structure survey   Annual data
Agricultural prices and price indices   Annual data   Short-term data
Agri-environmental indicators   Annual data
Crop Production    Annual data   Short-term data  Archive
Fishery   Annual data    Short-term data
Forestry – Forest area, fire protection   Annual data
Forestry – Logging, forest regeneration   Annual data     Short-term data
Livestock   Annual data   Short-term data

Environment and Energy

Energy  Annual data    Short-term data  Archive
Energy consumption in households  Annual data
Environment   Annual data    Short-term data
Weather and natural resources   Annual data   Short-term data  Archive

Science and ICT

Cloud computing – Enterprises with 10 or more employees   Annual data
Cloud computing – Individuals   Annual data
Doctorate holders   Annual data
E-commerce – Enterprises with 10 or more employees  Annual data
E-commerce – Individuals    Annual data
E-skills and ICT security – Enterprises with 10 or more employees   Annual data
E-skills and ICT security – Individuals   Annual data
Expenditure on ICT in enterprises    Annual data
ICT sector statistics    Annual data
Information Technologies  Archive
Science   Annual data
Use of Computers and Internet – Households    Annual data
Use of Computers and Internet – Enterprises with 10 or more employees   Annual data
Use of Computers and Internet – Individuals   Annual data

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