Number of nights spent on and average duration of outbound trips of Latvian residents by type of accommodation

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Natural person who travels outside one's usual place of residence for no more than one year, stays at a public or private accommodation establishment for at least one night and does not take up any paid employment in the visited place.


Recreational trip – trip outside the usual environment, main aim of which is spending weekend, holidays or vacation, visiting summer cottage or garden house, participating in excursion, attending theatre, SPA health resort without doctor's order, etc.

Visits to friends and relatives – trips with the aim to visit one’s relatives and friends.

Business trip – trip with the purpose of gaining new knowledge and experience, conclusion of deals or execution of official duties, participation in congresses, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, presentation of lectures and participation in government missions.

Other personal purpose -  shopping, going to medical treatment or other institutions, attending courses and training, volunteering, pilgrimage and other personal trips.

Transit trip – a journey, during which a traveller stays in a certain country for less than 24 hours, because he/she is crossing it on the way to another country, which is the destination of the trip.