Characteristics of foreign overnight travellers by country of residence

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Overnight traveller

Any natural person who travels outside his/her usual environment for less than a year, stays in a collective or private accommodation for at least one night and is not employed for pay there.

Total expenditure of travellers

Total expenditure includes consumer goods and services bought during the trip and before the trip: transport, accommodation and catering services, visas, insurance, admission tickets to cultural, sports and entertainment events, personal purchases, e.g., food, clothing, souvenirs, valuables (for oneself and for presents), hardware, camera and other trip-related expenditure.
Total expenditure includes:

  1. personal expenditure;
  2. expenditure paid by third party, e.g., ticket, transport paid by friends and relatives, fuel paid by the employer, daily allowance and other expenditure if their value is known.

Total expenditure excludes:

  1. purchase of real estate; 
  2. purchase of goods for resale; 
  3. donations to charitable organizations (including money that is given to relatives, friends);
  4. expenditure related to real estate improvement and repair.