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Results of a survey of Latvian residents about the trips made in the fourth quarter of 2005

A survey of population on their travels within the borders of Latvia and abroad was conducted in the 4th quarter of 2005. The survey covered population aged 15-74 years.

The results of the survey show that 41% of the Latvian residents had travelled for recreational purposes (to their relatives, for recreation in open air, etc), crossing the border of a city/town or the administrative district.

The most popular were one-day trips without staying overnight. 34% of the total population had made such trips spending on average 9.4 lats per one trip. 13% of the population preferred brief recreational trips (1-3 visitor nights) spending on average 13.4 lats per one trip. 1% of the population had made long recreational trips around Latvia (4 and more visitor nights) spending on average 31.3 lats per trip. Women constituted the majority of the recreational travellers (52%). The most typical age of the travellers was from 15 to 24 years.

The majority of residents travelling for recreational purposes were accommodated in private lodgings (92%). Most often the travellers used a car during their recreational trip (57%).

The most popular destination of the travellers in Latvia was Riga. Riga was the destination for 34.2% of all recreational trips but same-day trips (without staying overnight) constituted 38.7%. 14.8% all the short recreational trips (1-3 visitor nights) were made to Riga, which was also the most popular destination (36.8%) among the long recreational trips) around Latvia (4 and more visitor nights).

The average length of recreational trips was 2.1 visitor nights. For the long trips the average length was 6.3 visitor nights.

1.6% of the residents aged 15-74 years have made overnight business trips within the borders of Latvia spending on average 20.5 lats per trip. Men constituted the majority of such travellers – 64.6%. The most typical age of residents going on business trips was 35-44 years. Most often the destination of business trips was Riga (44.1%). Cars were the most often used transport vehicle (66%). The average length of stay during the business trip was 2.6 visitor nights.

Mode of transport used in trips around Latvia

(in per cent)


Brief recreational 
trips around Latvia
(1-3 visitor nights)

Long recreational trips
around Latvia
with overnight stays
(4 and more visitor nights) 

 Business trips with overnight stays

















Other  mode of transports




82.0% of the population who had made short recreational trips with overnight stays (1-3 visitor nights) were touring Latvia but 16.2% had visited a foreign country. Only 1.8% had toured both Latvia and a foreign country.

42.3% of the population who had made long recreational trips (4 and more visitor nights) were touring Latvia, 57.0% had visited a foreign country and 0.7% had been touring both Latvia and a foreign country.

In respect of the business trips, 54.2% of the population had toured only Latvia, 45.1% made business trips to foreign countries but 0.7% had toured both Latvia and foreign countries.

Participation of the population in trips

(in per cent)

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