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On results of the survey of Latvian residents about the trips made in the country in the 2nd quarter

According to the Central Statistical Bureau results of the Latvian resident survey the number of recreational trips in the 2nd quarter of 2008 comprised 3.5 mln, of which 2.6 mln were same-day trips (without staying overnight), 0.8 mln were short recreational trips (1-3 visitor nights), and 0.1 mln were trips longer than 4 days. Compared to corresponding period of previous year number of travellers in recreational trips around Latvia in the 2nd quarter of 2008 has reduced by 12.5%. But the number of travellers in business trips has decreased by 31%.

Reasons which prevented Latvian residents from making trips were - financial conditions (40%), lack of time (20%), and lack of interest (15%). 25% of the respondents mentioned other reasons.

Recreational trips by mode of trip (in per cent)

The most popular destinations of travellers in Latvia were Riga, Riga district and Jurmala where travellers preferred same-day trips without staying overnight. Riga was the destination of 16.6% of all recreational trips, but same-day trips (without staying overnight) comprised 19.6%. 7.0% of all the short recreational trips (1-3 visitor nights) were made to Riga and 19.3% of all the long recreational trips around Latvia (4 and more visitor nights).

The average length of recreational trips comprised 2 visitor nights, of which the average length of the long trips was 7 visitor nights.

32.1% residents of Latvia made same-day trips and during the trip one traveller on average spent 15.4 lats. 12.9% of the residents preferred short recreational trips and during a trip one traveller on average spent 21.7 lats. 1.5% of the residents preferred long recreational trips and during a trip one traveller on average spent 33.2 lats.

On long recreational (4 and more visitor nights) trips residents usually were accommodated in private lodgings. Women constituted the majority of the recreational travellers (52%). The majority of travellers were aged 25-44 years.

1.0% of the residents made business trips with overnight stays in Latvia. During a business trip one traveller on average spent 34.2 lats. Men constituted the majority of business travellers – 62%. Cars were the most often used transport vehicle for recreational and business trips.

Mode of transport used in trips around Latvia (in per cent)

Short recreational trips around Latvia (1-3 visitor nights)

Long recreational trips with overnight stays (4 and more visitor nights)

Business trips with overnight stays





















Prepared by the Transport and Tourism Statistics Section
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