Annual average number of employees by monthly gross income and sex

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Income includes all gross income calculated in salaried job from which income tax paid by employee is withheld (including non-taxable minimum, tax relieves, the eligible expenses for which the taxpayer has the right to reduce taxable income, statutory state social security contributions).

Income includes:
  • wages and salaries,
  • lump sum and systematic remuneration,
  • remuneration for civil service,
  • regular and irregular premiums and bonuses,
  • holiday allowance,
  • severance pay and other allowances,
  • compensation for unused leave in a case of dismissal,
  • illness benefit (sick list A),
  • presents and prises total value of which in taxation year exceeds the value of minimum monthly wages and salaries,
  • stipends paid by the employer,
  • training paid by the employer not necessary for work duties,
  • various events if it is possible to personify them – other payments or benefits received from employer if they are not directly related to economic activity of the employer or are not approved with source documents.