Breakdown of number of employees by monthly gross income by sex

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October 2020
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Employee [Wages and salaries]

Employee is:

  • person who on the basis of labour contract does certain job under supervision of the employer and receives for this job agreed wage or salary;
  • deputy of the Saeima, deputy of the local government, member of the Cabinet of Minsters, member of commercial company, council, managing clerk, controller;
  • other person holding a post granting rights to receive remuneration;
  • person who has concluded contractor, sharecropper or transportation agreement and has not registered as payer of the tax of income received form economic activity;
  • officer of the Ministry of Interior system institutions and Latvian Prison Administration with special rank or militaries of the structural units under supervision of the Ministry of Defence;
  • officer of the state civil service;
  • authorized agent of the non-citizen of Latvia, which not having legal relations with this merchant represents the activities of the person related to the business branch of the merchant form foreign country.

Total number of employees includes also employees wages and salaries of which for the corresponding month were not calculated (e.g., childcare leave or unpaid leave was granted, maternity, paternity or sickness benefit was granted, as well as in accordance with the contractor agreement wage or salary is paid after the work is completed).

Number of employees does not include self-employed persons, who manage state social insurance payments by themselves, as well as domestic employees working for a foreign employer or foreign employees working for a foreign employer.