Key indicator

Increase in earnings still observed

In 2018, monthly average gross wages and salaries in the country reached EUR 1 004. Over the year, they rose by EUR 78 or 8.4 %. The average net wages and salaries, calculated using labour taxes applicable at workplace, constituted EUR 742 or 73.9 % of the gross earnings and over the year grew 1.5 percentage points faster (by 9.9 %) than wages and salaries before taxes.

Median is the value separating higher half from the lower half of the indicators listed in ascending or descending sequence. Median may be regarded as the middle value separating the indicators into two equal parts. Usually median earnings are lower than mean arithmetic ones (average wages and salaries). The difference between median and mean arithmetic shows the asymmetry in the distribution of earnings. If distribution is completely symmetrical, median and mean arithmetic are equal.

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