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Job vacancies in 2008 and fourth quarter

At the end 2008 there were 5.9 thsd job vacancies in the country, according to the data of Central Statistical Bureau. Compared to the end of September their number has reduced by 2.2 thsd vacancies, but in comparison with the end of 2007 – by 10.9 thsd.

Number of job vacancies at the end of the quarter

Job vacancy rate has decreased from 1.6% at the end 2007 and 0.8% at the end of September 2008 to 0.6% at the end the previous year.

In public sector job vacancy rate has reduced from 3.0% at the end of 2007 to 1.3% at the end 2008, but in private sector – from 0.9% to 0.3%, respectively.

Job vacancy rate at the end of the quarter, %

Compared to the end of September the number of job vacancies at the end of 2008 has reduced rapidly in public administration – by 0.6 thsd vacancies or by 29.6%, in manufacturing – by 0.6 thsd or by 58.5%, and in transport, storage and communication sector – by 0.4 thsd or by 30.5% vacancies.

But in comparison with the number of job vacancies at end of 2007 the most rapid decrease witnessed public administration – reduction of 2.5 thsd vacancies (by 73.0%), manufacturing – 2.2 thsd vacancies (84.7%), and transport, storage and communication sector – 1.8 thsd vacancies (64.9%).

Number of job vacancies at the end of 2008 in public administration comprised 1.4 thsd, in transport, storage and communication sector - 1.0 thsd and in commercial services - 0.9 thsd.

In public administration 93% of job vacancies were in government budgetary institutions. In justice institutions there were 253 job vacancies, in public security, law and order activity sector – 243, in National Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defence and structural units supervised by them – 225, in main and regional offices of State Revenue Service – 131.

More detailed information on job vacancies, also in breakdown by economic activities and regions, may be found in the data bases of the CSB Web Page –, in the section – Occupied posts and job vacancies, paid working hours.


In accordance with the survey methodology, job vacancy is defined as a post for which no contract has been signed and no candidate chosen and the employer is taking active steps to find a suitable candidate from outside the enterprise, and which will be filled immediately or within 3 months. The rate of job vacancies is calculated in per cent, by dividing the number of job vacancies by the total number of posts (occupied + vacant).

The public sector includes central and local government institutions and commercial companies with central or local government capital participation 50% and over, public organisations and commercial companies thereof.

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