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Released collection of statistical data “Main indicators on labour force survey”

The Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) released collection of statistical data  “Main indicators of Labour Force Survey 2006”. In the data collection are reflected results on Latvia continuous Labour Force Survey of 2006 on economic activity of Latvia population and situation in the labour market. To make the data more comparable, in this data collection are included also the results on Labour Force Survey of 2005.

In comparison with previous years, in the data collection are included new tables on population economic activity.

In the data collection are published main indicators on both Latvia’s economically active and economically inactive population. More information is provided on economic activity, i.e., employment and unemployment, characterising the labour force by sex, level of education, in breakdown by mode of economic activity and professions.

The data collection “Main indicators of Labour Force Survey 2006” is available in Information Centre of CSB in Riga, at Lāčplēša street 1.

Prepared by Labour Statistics Section
Zaiga Priede

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