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In April actual unemployment rate constituted 9.2 % and registered 8 %

Data of the Labour Force Survey conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau show thatin April 2020 actual unemployment rate comprised 9.2 %, which is 1.3 percentage points more than in March. Unemployment rate registered by the State Employment Agency (SEA) accounted for 8 %, and, compared to March, it has risen by 1.2 percentage points. Unemployment rate increase may be observed also when comparing the data to the April of the previous year – of 2.7 percentage points in actual unemployment rate and of 1.7 percentage points in registered unemployment rate.

Registered and actual unemployment rate is calculated based on the SEA data and results of the Labour Force Survey conducted by the CSB.

For estimate of actual unemployment of Labour Force Survey data of the 1st quarter of 2020 and registered monthly unemployment data from SEA were used.

Taking into account emergency situation declared throughout the national territory with a view to restrict the spread of Covid-19, as of 13 March 2020 interviewer's home visits were suspended. As CSB did not have telephone numbers of all households included in the sample, response rate of the survey decreased, which also affected quality of information compiled. In the upcoming months data might be revised.

The CSB reminds that during changes it is essential to acquire information on population employment to assess impact of current situation on economic and social processes in the country. As of March 13 respondents are not being interviewed at their homes anymore, but interviews still continue by telephone and electronically on the CSB website, therefore, respondents are encouraged to be active and participate in surveys.


Unemployment rate of population aged 15–74 by sex and month – NB002m

Registered unemployment rate by month – SEA website


Socio-economic indicators of the emergency situation are available on the CSB website


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