Expenditure on social protection in Latvia by ESSPROS classification (mln euro)

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European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics uniting statistically comparable information on organization of social protection, its current state and development in the Member States. Social benefits are classified basing on the function. The function of a social benefit concerns principal goal for which the social protection is provided. There are following main functions:

  • Sickness/health care – financial aid or medical care in case of physical or mental disease, except disability. Includes, e.g., outpatient care and hospitalization, sickness benefit, support for the purchase of compensated medicinal products etc.
  • Disability – support in cash or kind (except costs for health care) in connection with the physical or mental inability to be engaged in economic and social activities. Includes, e.g., disability pensions, social and professional rehabilitation etc.
  • Old age – support in cash or kind (except costs for health care) in connection with old age, e.g., old-age pension, health care for old-age people, etc.
  • Survivors – support in cash or king due to the death of the family member, e.g., survivor’s pension.
  • Family/children – support in cash or kind (except costs for health care) in connection with the costs related to pregnancy, childbirth and adoption, bringing up children and caring for other family members. Includes, e.g., child care benefit, state family allowance, etc.
  • Unemployment – support in cash or kind because of the unemployment, e.g., unemployment benefit, professional training of unemployed, etc.
  • Housing – social support towards the cost of housing, e.g., provision of activities of social houses, etc.
  • Social exclusion not else-where classified – support in cash or kind (except health care) especially envisaged for the fight with social exclusion not covered in any other function, e.g., for the provision of activities of centres for asylum seekers and crisis centres, local government allowances for the orphaned children to begin independent life, etc.
Social protection expenditure (ESSPROS)

Social protection expenditure is classified as follows:

  1. social protection benefits – support of state or private institutions in cash or in kind to households and individuals to relieve them of the burden of one or more of the defined risks or needs.
  2. administration costs – administration costs include outgoings on registration of beneficiaries, collection of contributions, administration of benefits, inspection, reinsurance, financial management and overheads.
  3. other costs – other costs consisting of different expenditure for social protection schemes, e.g., interest payments of long-term loans from Special Budget of State Pensions.