Personal money income (monthly average; euro)

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Calculated or gross wage and salary
The calculated gross wage and salary fund comprises basic wage and salary (monthly wage, post wage), remuneration for time worked or the amount of work done, regular and irregular additional payments and bonuses,earnings related to over-time, payment for the annual and supplementary vacations, additional payment for vacation, holiday allowances, compensation for the vacation not used, sick pay (sick-leave certificate A), payment for public holidays and other days not worked, social security compulsory contributions paid by the employees and personal income tax, as well as labour remuneration subsidies.
Net wages and salaries
Net wage is the amount calculated by deducting the mandatory social contributions payable by employees and personal income tax from the gross wage.

State pensions are divided into several categories: old-age pensions; disability pensions; survivor’s pensions; service pensions; pensions under special regulations.