Key indicator

Household consumption expenditure

In 2019 household consumption expenditure in the country amounted to EUR 423 on average per household member monthly.

Structure of consumption expenditure is one of the key indicators characterising population welfare. Two thirds (65 %) of the total consumption expenditure went to meet daily needs – pay for food, transport, housing, clothing and footwear, as well as health. Every month EUR 98 or 23 % of the total consumption expenditure was spent on food. Second and third priority was given to housing and transport – 14.6 % on each (EUR 62 on average per household member monthly).

Consumption expenditure (scope of the concept)

Value of goods and services (in cash and kind), which are used for individual consumption.

According to the international Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose for Household Budget Survey (ECOICOP/HBS) all consumption expenditure is divided into 12 groups as to their functional meaning. Data are given as a total in cash and in kind.

Consumption expenditure does not include expenditure on private entrepreneurship and expenditure having investment character, as well as expenditure related to the re-payment of credits and their service.

Consumption expenditure is compiled in cash and in kind at prices of the corresponding year. Consumption expenditure in kind includes food products obtained by themselves from personal plot of land, fishing and hunting, received free of charge from other households or employer, as well as firewood obtained by households themselves. Expenditure in kind is estimated at market prices. Also services received from employer or local government free of charge or partly paid are included in the consumption expenditure in kind.

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