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Consumption of food products

Compared to 2015, in 2016 changes may be observed in consumption of food products. Consumption of some food products is reducing, which is partly because households choose to eat outside home or change their eating habits/ diet. Consumption of potatoes, sugar, fish, cabbage, butter, margarine and vegetable fat has dropped, while consumption of milk, pork, poultry, fruit, local garden fruit and drupes has gone up. The decline in consumption of sugar and potatoes may be influenced by the increase in consumer prices (of 11.8 % and 10.0 %, respectively).

Survey results show that in 2016 one household member on average consumed 47 l of milk, 14 kg of cheese and curd, 31 kg of bread, 207 eggs, 19 kg of fresh pork, 12 kg of fresh poultry, 21 kg of sausage products and smoked meat, 62 kg of potatoes and 5 kg of fresh fish. In respect to fruit, the greatest numbers per one household member annually were recorded in consumption of local garden fruit and drupes (21 kg), tropical fruit and berries (11 kg) and citrus fruit (10 kg).

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