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On the results of the survey on private rented dwellings

In September 2007 in the sample survey on private rented dwellings carried out by the Central Statistical Bureau tenants inhabiting the dwellings were surveyed. The main aim of the survey was to obtain information on the amount of rent and dwelling management. The basic unit of the survey was hired out rented dwelling in two or more dwelling residential houses. Information on floor space and amenities of the dwelling was obtained from the statistical data of the construction data base.

According to the survey data in September 2007 in Riga the tenants of the private dwellings on average paid 122 santims per one square meter of the total dwelling space, in the cities under state jurisdiction (except Riga) – 79 santims, and in other cities and rural areas – 60 santims.

In 71% of the cases the hire contract with owner of the flat was concluded. 50% of the concluded hire contracts were open-end contacts, 36% - were concluded for a certain period of time longer than a year, 14% - were concluded for a certain time period shorter than a year.

In 29% of the cases the conclusion of the hire contract with the owner of the flat was delayed. Main reasons for not concluded hire contracts were the disinterest of the owner – in 40% of the cases and the rent contract with the previous owner – 37% (in Riga – 56%).

42% of the tenants found it difficult to pay for the rent and public utilities and 12% of the tenants had debts for the rent and public utilities.

32% of the tenants are planning to move in the nearest 3 years.

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