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Population opinion on housing conditions in 2007

Results of the “Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions” (EU-SILC)* survey conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia in 2007 show that, households generally are satisfied with housing conditions, because two thirds (69%) of their total number answered that are “satisfied” or even “very satisfied” with their dwelling.Acquired answers show that, in urban and rural areas level of satisfaction with dwelling does not differ significantly.

Couples without children were more satisfied with their dwelling (answer “very satisfied” and “satisfied” gave 74% of such households) and single person households aged 65 and over (73%). Households with 3 and more children were the least satisfied with the housing conditions (answer “very satisfied” and “satisfied” gave 63% of the corresponding households), as well as households consisting of one adult with children (67%).

Analysis of the household answers on several housing-related problems show that, the most significant problems were “dwelling have leaking roof; damp walls, ceiling, floors or foundations or rot in window framing, doors or floors” – 27% of the households mentioned these problems (in rural areas 38%) and “shortage in dwelling” - 22% (25% in urban areas, but in Riga – 29%). Every fifth household mentioned problems related to noise from neighbour flats, stairway, industrial enterprises or street.

Household complaints were caused also by the condition of the heating insulation. Every fifth household informed that, heating system can not provide sufficient heat in winter. But 38% of the households mentioned that, during a summer their dwellings are not cool enough. 17% of the households having plumbing and water supply systems were not satisfied with their condition and safety of their operation.

EU-SILC survey showed that, compared to the last 3 years (2005 – 2007) the share of households indicating on the problems in own dwelling is decreasing year by year.

Share of households confirming that their dwelling has some of the following problems 
(in per cent)





Dwelling has leaking roof;damp walls, ceiling, floors or foundations or rot in window framing, doors or floors




It is too dark, lack of light in dwelling;




Noise  disturbance from neighbour flats, stairway, industrial enterprises or street




Satisfaction with housing conditions is greatly influenced not only by the comfort and cosiness in private living space, but also by the surrounding environmental factors. If the number of the households  complaining about in-house problems of the dwelling has a trend to decrease, worries of the households about the factors related to the condition of the surrounding environment are growing. In EU-SILC 2007 already every third household was worried about the pollution of the surrounding environment, dust or other environmental problems in the area.

* This survey included thematic questions characterising housing conditions and population satisfaction with them. Respondents were asked: “How much your household is satisfied with own dwelling taking into account the housing conditions, costs, neighbours, distance to work, etc. house-related conditions?”

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