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On current events in education statistics

Central Statistical Bureau has compiled information on activities of professional education institutions and universities and colleges, as well as information received from the Ministry of Education and Science on general schools in school year 2009/2010.

In Latvia the share of pupils and students in educational system usually is high, in school year 2009/2010 it comprised 84.6%*. But it should be noted that during the last five years the number of persons engaged in education is reducing.

Share of pupils and students in education
(per cent of population at age group 7-23 years)


Share of pupils and students in population at age group 7-23 years (per cent)












During the last five years enrolment in general schools has decreased, as has the number of pedagogical staff (including those for which school is secondary job). In this school year 28.2 thousand pedagogical staff are working in schools, and it is 5.1 thousand less than in previous school year.

Enrolment and pedagogical staff in general schools
(at the beginning of the school year; thousand) 



As in the country demographic situation is unfavourable, the number of pupils learning in basic education educational programmes (grades 1-9) is reducing year by year. During the last five years enrolment in basic education has diminished by 48.3 thousand and in this school year it comprises 179.4 thousand. The reduction of the share of enrolment in basic education in corresponding age group (7-15 years) cause worries, nevertheless basic education in the country is compulsory. In school year 2009/2010 the share of such pupils in mentioned age group has diminished by two percentage points and comprises 95.6%*.

Ministry of Education and Science during the last two years has reorganized educational institutions, and as a result of that in school year 2009/2010 the number of general schools has reduced rapidly.

Number of general schools (at the beginning of the school year) 



In school year 2009/2010 36.7 thousand pupils in 85 educational institutions receive secondary vocational education. Similar situation can be observed also in vocational education. Compared to the previous school year, the number of vocational education institutions in current school year has reduced (by 7), as has the enrolment (by 2159).

 Enrolment and pedagogical staff in vocational schools
(at the beginning of the school year; thousand)


Higher education in Latvia may be received in 61 university and college. In Latvia already for the fourth year in a row the enrolment in higher education institutions is reducing.

Enrolment and academic staff (at the beginning of the school year; thousand) 


As the highest number of enrolees was during the time period between 2004 and 2006, the number of higher education institution graduates of 2009 has grown, i.e., 26.0 thousand students, and it is 1837 graduates more than in 2008. It should be noted also that currently the attitude of the students towards the studies is more serious, because opportunities to join studies and work is very limited.

In the school year 2009/2010, out of the total number of students studies of 30.4% were funded by state budget, but tuition fee of 69.6% was their private contribution. Trend of the end of the 90ties, when the number of students studying on state budget stared to decrease, may be observed also now.

Enrolment in higher education institutions bykind of tuition fee
(at the beginning of the school year; per cent) 

*Provisional data


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