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International conference on use of BLAISE software is taking place at the moment

In June 2-4 2009 International conference on use of BLAISE software is taking place in Riga which is organized by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. 94 participants from 20 countries all over the world are taking place in the conference. The majority of participants are from the United States of America, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Conference of BLAISE software users is event organized by International conference BLAISE software users group. It is organized once in 18 months in order to gather users of BLAISE software whose specialization is data collection and processing with an aim to exchange with experience and nuances of software usage.

BLAISE software is varied functionality system for carrying out interviews with the help of computer, as well as it is tool of survey data processing foreseen for the Microsoft Windows platform. BLAISE software is used in many countries all over the world and it is used by national statistical institutions, as well as by scientific research organizations for development of official statistics. Since 2005 it is also used by Central Statistical Bureau.

First BLAISE conference was carried out in 1992 in Voorburg, Netherlands and this year already 12th gathering is taking place.

More detailed information on the conference and its programme is available on the home page of the conference

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