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Specialists from Egyptian statistical agency take over experience of Latvia

From November 9 to 13 leading specialists from the Egyptian statistical agency visited Central Statistical Bureau (CSB). They were introduced with the legal basis of the public administration of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union and with the experience in the creation of them, as well as with the main principles of the development of statistical legislation and regulatory enactments. Until now experts for the CSB have visited Egyptian statistical agency several times. During these visits consultations on the mentioned subjects were started. Such cooperation for the specialists of the CSB is good opportunity not only to introduce colleagues from other institutions with the state experience in the field of organisation of national statistics, but also to gain new experience and knowledge. In the framework of Twinning Project „Institutional Capacity Building for the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) and Developing the Legal Framework for Statistics in Egypt” financed by the European Commission CSB experts in co-operation with statistics representatives from Denmark, Czech, Sweden and Finland are participating in the improvement of statistical information quality and legal basis of the activity of Egyptian statistical agency. Latvian statisticians are involved in the improvement of statistics law, price statistics and information technologies system.

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