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Continued cooperation between CSB of Latvia and Department for Statistics of Georgia

In 8-11 December 2008 the delegation of the Department of Statistics of the Republic of Georgia is on a study visit in the CSB under the leadership of Mrs. Ekaterine Jojishvili, Deputy Chairperson. In order to get acquainted with the work of the CSB 13 middle-level statistical managers have come to Latvia including heads of regional statistical divisions, heads of units and chief specialists of macroeconomic, agricultural, business, price, labour statistics.
Georgian statistical experts get acquainted with the organisation and management of statistics in Latvia that is just the responsibility of the CSB, as well as with the national statistical system, reorganization of regional statistical offices. Directors and specialists of the Agricultural and Environment Statistics department, Information, Publishing and Printing department, Macroeconomic Statistics department, Business Statistics department, Social Statistics department and Price Statistics department acquaint the visitors with the organizational structure and activity of their departments.
Members of the delegation visit also just on location the respective departments and sections of the CSB to get acquainted with their work more closely.
This visit follows the visit of the top-level managers of the Department of Statistics of the Republic of Georgia in August this year.

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