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CSB sharing experience with Estonian and Lithuanian colleagues (with photo)

On November 26 - 27, experts from Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) and statistical institutions of Estonia and Lithuania discussed first results of the Baltics intra-trade mirror statistics*.

Within the meeting, experts were talking about issues of the Baltic State mirror statistics and summarised reasons behind the data asymmetry. All three countries decided to harmonise the data, thus eliminating asymmetry in the indices produced.

Major asymmetry in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia dispatches information was analysed, moreover data were compared at 8-digit level of the Combined Nomenclature.

Also results of the cooperation project were evaluated; and neighbours discussed future activities and recommendations on elimination of the data asymmetry among Baltic States within the SIMSTAT project envisaging that each EU Member State will collect data only on arrivals from other MS, while data on dispatches will be acquired basing on the dispatches of partner countries.

The meeting was held within the framework of the grant project programme "Harmonising methods to improve quality in intra-EU trade statistics".

*Comparison between foreign trade data of one country with the corresponding data of partner countries.

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