R&D personnel

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R&D personnel

The R&D personnel can be dividend into the following three categories:

  1. Researchers – scientists (natural persons that have acquired scientific qualification – Doctor of Science and are involved in research activities) and professionals with an academic degree or higher education diploma engaged in basic or applied research or experimental development to create new knowledge, products, processes, methods and systems, as well as managers and administrators engaged in planning and management of the scientific and technical aspects. 
  2. Technicians and equivalent staff – persons having necessary technical knowledge and experience in one or several fields performing their R&D tasks under the supervision of researchers, and mainly carrying out technical jobs. Technicians and equivalent staff include engineers, technicians, laboratory assistants, technologists, and operators.
  3. Research supporting staff – persons fulfilling auxiliary functions of the scientifically-technical works (staff of the planning, economic, financial, and scientifically-technical information units, special and scientifically-technical libraries, patent office specialists, archivists, as well as skilled workers assembling, regulating, maintaining and repairing necessary equipment and devices). 

In compliance with the requirements of Annex 1, Section 1 of the Commission Implementation Regulation (EU) 995/2012 (of 26 October 2012), starting from 2012, data are compiled on other R&D personnel that includes technicians and equivalent staff and science supporting staff.