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On key indicators of information and communication technologies

Data on the information and communication technologies (ICT) are available in the data base of the Central Statistical Bureau (/) since the beginning of this year. The section includes information on the number of enterprises, employed, turnover, value added, wage and salary fund, production value and imports and exports of ICT goods.

ICT covers several traditional fields of business – such as computer services and activities related to computers, electronic communications, Internet. Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the definition of ICT sector included also several industries (such as manufacture of office equipment, manufacture of computers and information processing equipment, manufacture of independent wires and cables, manufacture of electrons and electronic ray lamps, television and radio receivers, manufacture of sound and video record reproduction equipment and similar appliances, manufacture of measurement and test instruments and apparatus, manufacture of industrial process control and management equipment), several wholesale fields (wholesale of household electronic equipment, radio and television appliances, office machinery and equipment, as well as wholesale of several other appliances), as well as services of office machinery rent.

Information on the ICT sector is compiled with the help of enterprise annual reports. The data base is updated twice a year – provisional data on reference year are published in December of next year and final information – 18 months after reference year.

Provisional data on 2006 on the field of ICT will be available on the December 28 of this year.

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