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On survey “Use of computers and Internet in households”

From April until June this year annual survey „Use of computers and Internet in households” will take place, which will be carried out by Central Statistical Bureau (CSB). Households with at least one person aged 16 to 74 years will be surveyed. Households were selected using random sampling method. Information provided by respondents will not be published, but will be used only in general, compiled form which will absolutely exclude the possibility to identify data provided by each separate person. This will be ensured by assigning a code for each household, and in the further process of survey individual information on persons will not be used and identified. Part of interviews will be face-to-face interviews, although almost half will be telephone interviews.

One of aims of the survey is to obtain data on types of Internet connection in households and devices used for connection. Population will be asked questions on frequency and location of computer and Internet use, activities on the Internet, purchases in Internet shops, etc. This year a separate unit of questions on the Internet safety was added, e.g., what safety problems population have faced on the Internet, what security solutions (e.g., anti-virus software) population use, etc.

Before the survey will be taken up, households will be sent an announcement letter and small informative booklet. In case of face-to-face interview the respondent will be able to arrange date and time convenient for him/her by calling telephone number indicated in the letter. The interviewers will present service identification document with photo at the arrival to household, and will ask questions included in the survey questionnaire.

In case of telephone interview interviewer will call to household and ask questions by telephone. On average the interview will last 20 to 40 minutes depending on the number of household members.

Summarized data obtained in the result of survey is source of information on the situation in information society sector, and they will be used in order to plan opportunities of the use of Internet and development of related economic and social processes. Results of surveys carried out in previous years can be already looked at in the data collection „On the information society in Latvia”, in the data base of home page of CSB, in the statistical yearbook of Latvia. Statistical data characterising information and communication technologies are also available in the data base of Eurostat home page (

CSB appeals households to be responsive and obliging and to cooperate with interviewers because response of each person is important in acquisition of qualitative data.

Already in the middle of October each Latvian resident will be able to study the results on the CSB home page.

The survey is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission.


Prepared by Trade and Services Statistics Section
Ineta Kromane
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