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Population and Housing Census 2011 starts on March 1

Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), which in accordance with the Law on Population and Housing Census is responsible for the development and progress of the Census, in cooperation with the partners has done significant development works in order to be able to start largest and most significant statistical work of the decade – running Population and Housing Census – already in several days – on March 1. It will be the first Population and Housing Census after Latvia accessed European Union (EU) and tenth Census since Latvia was founded.

From March 1 to March 10 first stage of the Population and Housing Census will take place. During this stage population are asked to fill in Census questionnaire on the Internet at home, in library, education institutions or in any other place with Internet connection.

From March 1 questionnaire will be available on the Web Page To fill in Population and Housing Census questionnaire on the Internet on yourself and other family members, with who you are living together and managing household, the passport number and identity code of the person or means of authorisation for the largest Internet banks, or electronic signature may be used for the identification.

It is easier, faster and more convenient to fill in the questionnaire on the Internet. Persons representing those professions job of which is related with often absence from permanent place of residence, including temporary absence from Latvia lasting less than one year, are especially asked to use this opportunity.

From March 17 to May 31 persons, which will not fill in the questionnaire on the Internet, will be visited by the interviewers.

CSB will ensure the protection of the individual data acquired in the Census. Individual data acquired during the Population and Hosing Census on each resident and his/her housing will be confidential. Any organisation or institution outside CSB will receive the mentioned information. Obtained data will be used only for statistical purposes – development of summaries, grouping of data and process analysis.

In Population and Housing Census 2011 wide range of information on Latvia population and housings will be acquired. Person questionnaire includes questions on legal martial status, ethnicity, main language used at home, education, economic activity as well as on migration of the population. Housing questionnaire, in turn, includes questions on the number of household members as well as on such indicators characterising the housing as type of building, ownership, useful floor space, water supply system, type of heating, facilities etc. Residents will be asked to provide information on persons emigrated from Latvia for permanent residence in other countries. Thus, more precise information on the number of residents emigrated from Latvia to foreign countries during the last decade will be acquired.

If you have necessity to acquire more information or you would like to find out some questions, call to the CSB to the toll-free number 80000777 from March 1 to March 10 every day from 8.00 to 20.00 o’clock.

Additional information on progress of the Population and Housing Census you may find on


Prepared by Social Statistics Department
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