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On Pilot Population and Housing Census

In accordance with the requirements of the Law on Population and Housing Census the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) is organising Population and Housing Census 2011. To ensure successful development and progress of this event of national importance the CSB in September and October of this year is organising Pilot Population and Housing Census. During it in order to ensure maximally qualitative results of the survey the methodology and technical solutions of the Census will be verified. In Pilot Population and Housing Census 2.7 thousand persons living in Riga, Kuldīga, Mazsalaca, as well as in Preiļi, Riebiņi and Saulkrasti counties will be surveyed.

Within the bounds of possibility residents will be asked to fill in the questionnaire forms of the Population and Housing Census on the Internet. They will have to write in their passport number and identity codes of all members living in the household. It will be possible to do that from September 20 to September 26. The questionnaire forms will be available on

But residents which did not have a possibility to fill in the forms on the Internet from October 1 to October 31 will be visited by the CSB interviewers, who will ask the corresponding questions, as well as will show work ID with photo.

To acquire more information, find out certain questions and verify the identity of the interviewer residents free of charge may call to the CSB on telephone 80000777 from September 20 to September 26 from 8.30 to 19.00 o’clock, but from September 27 to October 31 – on working days from 8.30 to 17.00 o’clock.

CSB guarantees the confidentiality of the provided information and will disclose it to any person or organisation in accordance with the requirements set in the Law on Population and Housing Census, Law on State Statistics and Law on Protection of Natural Person Data.

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