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Changes of demographic situation in Latvia in the 1st half-year of 2007

In the 1st of July this year 2 million 274 thousand residents lived in Latvia, which is less by 6.9 thousand people or by 0.3% than at the beginning of the year, according to the Central Statistical Bureau data. The number of population due to natural movement (the number of deaths exceeding births) resulted in a population decrease of 5.9 thousand; excess of emigration over immigration resulted in a population drop of 1.0 thousand persons. In 2006 the number of residents decreased by 0.6%.

Dynamics of main demographic indices

1st quarter of 2006

1st quarter of 2007

1st quarter of 2007 over 1st quarter of 2006

Number of registered marriages




Per 1000 population




Number of births




Per 1000 population




Number of deaths




Per 1000 population




Since 1999 after 11 year long birth decrease period in Latvia, small increase tendency appeared. In 2006 in the country was the highest birth rate in the past 13 years- 22.3 thousand children were born. The number of births within six months this year – 11.3 thousand is more by approximately 500 children than in the 1st quarter of 2006.

Within the nearest years, the birth rate might become stable or even increase because during the past years the number of women in fertile age (15-49 years) has become stable. If since 2000 the total number of women has decreased by 55 thousand or by 4.2%, the number of women in fertile age has decreased only by 6 thousand or by 1.1%.

The death rate has been rather stable during the past years, however, in 2005 and 2006 the mortality has increased. The number of deaths within six months this year was 17.2 thousand (17.3 thousand in the corresponding period of last year).

Since 2002 the tendency of marriage number increase is observed in Latvia. In 2006, 14616 marriages were registered which is the largest number since 1993. Also this year the tendency of marriage number increase remained. In the 1st quarter of 2007, 5259 marriages were registered which is more by 450 marriages than in the first six months of 2006. The number of marriages per 1000 residents has increased by 10%.

The highest birth rate indices per 1000 residents were in Riga district– 6 births; but the lowest birth rate indices were in the districts of Kraslava (3.4) and Preili(3.6). The highest death rate indices were in the districts of Daugavpils, Kraslava and Rezekne, the lowest- in the districts of Riga and Ogre.

The number of residents in the first six months of 2007 increased only in Jurmala (by 69 persons) and in 4 central districts of the country: Riga (by 3 813), Ogre (by 364), Jelgava (by 238) and Tukums (by 74). This happened only in the influence of internal migration because the number of deaths exceeds the number of births in all the cities of the republic and in almost in all the districts, excluding Riga district where small natural resident increase occurred- by 59 persons.

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