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On provisional results of demographic situation in Latvia in 2009

Data of the Central Statistical Bureau characterising the demographic situation on 10 months of this year and their estimations on November and December allows to conclude that at the end of 2009 the number of Latvia population will comprise approximately 2 million 249 thousand or 12 thousand less than at the beginning of this year.

The number of newborn this year may comprise approximately 22 thousand, i.e., two thousand children or 8.5% less than in 2008.

Higher birth rates, if compared to the average in the country, were recorded only in regions of Riga and Pieriga, as well as in five cities under state jurisdiction out of nine (Riga, Jelgava, Jūrmala, Liepāja, Valmiera).

Mortality in this year has decreased, according to statistical data. Number of deaths in 2009 will constitute about 30 thousand or 1.3 thousand persons (4.3%) less than in 2008.

Lower mortality rates, if compared to the average in the country, will be in seven cities under state jurisdiction out of nine, as well as in Riga, Pieriga and Zemgale regions.

Number of births and deaths in 2009 by months 

If in 2001 – 2007 the number of marriages grew from 9.3 thsd to 15.5 thsd or 1.7 times, this year according to provisional data approximately 10 thousand marriages will be concluded (3.2 thsd or 24% less if compared to 2008). The reduction of the number of marriages in 2008 and 2009 is one of the factors influencing the number of births.

 Number of marriages in 2008 and 2009 by months

As the number of deaths still exceeds the number of newborn, the number of population in 2009 will reduce by 7.7 thsd persons, if compared to the 7 thousand in 2008.

Decrease of the number of Latvia population in 2009 was influenced also by the long-term international emigration prevalence over the immigration. The emigration flows this year are growing, according to statistical data. During the first ten months of this year the number of persons emigrating with an aim to change the place of permanent residence (6.3 thsd persons) is higher than the number of emigrants during whole 2008 (6 thsd persons). But the number of immigrants this year will comprise about one thousand less than in 2008. In population long-term migration statistics according to the legislation of the European Union only persons who declared  to the relevant state institution the fact of leaving Latvia to stay in other country for permanent residence or for longer than one year are included.

Due to the emigration prevalence over the immigration decrease of the population number this year may comprise about 4.6 thousand persons (in 2008 – 2.5 thsd persons).

As a result of the migration the number of population during the nine months of this year grew only in Pieriga region (by 3282 persons) and in Jurmala (by 157 persons).


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