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Number of births

In 2018 19,3 thousand children were born in Latvia, and that is by 1.5 thousand less than in 2017.

Moderate growth of birth rate observed in the last years is related to the increase in the number of women at fertile age. These are women born in the middle and in the end of 80-ties when fertility rate was the highest. At the beginning of 2018, 31,8 % of all women at childbearing age were aged 25–34 (at the beginning of 2011 – 28.0 %). In 2017, the highest fertility rate was among 25-34 years old women – 62 % of children were born to women in this age group.

Starting from 2000, the number of births includes also children born outside Latvia to mother (permanent resident of Latvia) temporarily (for less than one year) abroad. In compliance with the methodology of the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) mentioned children should be included in the number of children born in Latvia. Before including child in the number of births the information on mother’s place of residence is evaluated as well as National Health Service data on whether newborn has received health care services paid by the State is studied.

Number of live birhts by month

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Database also contains tables on marital and extra-marital births, live birth by ethnicity, mothers age etc.

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