Women and Men in Baltic States

Gender statistics is important in identifying and measuring gaps in different areas of life of women and men. Reliable statistical information about sex differences is believed to contribute to evidence-based policy making and accelerating progress towards gender equality and life quality in the Baltic States and beyond. The publication “Women and men in the Baltic States” aims to improving knowledge about differences and similarities between the lives of women and men in the Baltic countries.

Publication provides statistical information on men and women on different topics – population, education, labour market, earnings and expenditure, recreation and tourism, power and decision making, information technologies and social protection in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Preparation of the publication allowed to map existing data sources, fostered inter-institutional international cooperation and opened possibilities to improve data comparability.

The digital publication brings together, presents and contextualizes data from a variety of sources – official statistics, administrative data from all Baltic countries and Eurostat, presenting it in a user-friendly and interactive way.  

The publication is a result of cooperation between national statistical offices of Baltic States‘ in acknowledgment of Lithuania coordinating the project and preparing the digital publication, Latvia partnering in data and texts preparation and Estonia in preparation of platform for shared data collection.

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