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Statisticians are preparing for the Population and Housing Census of 2011

The Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) started preparation for the next Population Census to be carried out in accordance with the Law of Population and Housing Census, as well as, to guidelines jointly prepared by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Provisional date for the Population and Housing Census will be March 1 2011. In order to implement this wide scope action and obtain precise and qualitative information, a new structural unit of the CSB has been established in April 2007 – Population and Housing Census Section, which will coordinate the process of the Latvian census.

The data on Population and Housing Census is the source of information necessary for strategic planning of the national economy, development of the economic, social and environmental policy, regional and infrastructure planning, for performance of scientific research, as well as to inform the society on demographic situation in the country, on living conditions, housing and education. Totally it is planned to include more than 45 indicators in the forthcoming Population and Housing Census programme.

The previous Population and Housing Census was carried out in 2000.

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