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Current Population Census Programme 2011

The Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) continues to arrange all necessary for the running Population and Housing Census, which in Latvia will be carried out from March 1 – May 31, 2011. During the census wide information on Latvia population and its hosing will be obtained. The Population and Housing Census will be carried out in accordance to the programme of running Census. CSB has prepared and submitted the programme project for the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers. Totally 46 themes and 61 question were included, answers to them will be received from the Latvia population. In order to receive as precise information on some most urgent themes as possible, several questions will be asked.

The list of questions included in the programme is developed basing on the recommendations approved by the Conference of European Statisticians. The list has been supplemented with line of questions recommended by the specialists from ministries, research institutions and higher education institutions. In the process of programme arrangement also experience and suggestions of the Finland, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania and other country colleagues were used.

It has been envisaged, that this summer the European Parliament and Council Regulation on Population and Housing Census will be approved. Compulsory questions for all European Union countries integrated in the project are included in the Population and Housing Census programme project, which was submitted to the government.

The section of demographic indicators of the programme contains questions on the age of residents and their civil status. The section of economic indicators includes questions on current economic activity, occupation, main source of income, etc. Basing on the suggestions of the Ministry of the Environment and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments additional questions to find out the mode of transport used by the respondent on his/her way to work and distance from home to work were included in the programme. Part of the information included in the programme project will be obtained by compiling the data of the administrative register (Population Register, State Revenue Service Register of Tax Payers and State Cadastre Register of Real Estate) other information will be acquired by surveying the residents. Thus, big part of the information available in registers will have to be only specified.

As none of the state registers contain information on education level of the population, wide range of questions will be devoted to this theme. The residents will have to give answers on questions on highest education level attained, as well as, on the year when the education institution was graduated. Moreover, on the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science this section of the programme will include also the questions on the school attendance. This questions should be answered on the persons aged 7 – 17.

Questions devoted to the urgent migration problem are included in separate section of the programme.

Within the section of the ethic composition of the population, three questions will be asked – on ethnicity, language mainly used at home and on other language skills. In the section of household and family indicators the form of household ownership will be found out, as well as, family relations between the household members, and type and size of the household and family.

Wide section of the programme is devoted to obtain the information on housing of the population. Those are questions on type of dwelling, form of ownership, facilities available in the dwelling, total floor space and number of rooms, etc.

The questions included in the programme of Population and Housing Census will be verified during the Pilot Census, which will be organized at the end of 2009. Only after accurate verification the questions will be included in the questionnaire forms of the Population and Housing Census 2011.

The development and approval of the Population and Housing Census programme is only one of the many preparation works necessary for the successful organization and progress of the Census, moreover, each month those works are going to grow wider and wider.

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