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On preparation of current Population and Housing Census 2011

Central Statistical Bureau continues preparation for the Population and Housing Census 2011. Main aim of the Census is to specify the number of population in the country.

On June 2, 2008 Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers ‘’Regulations on Programme of Population and Housing Census’’ were approved. The list of questions to be included in the programme was developed basing on the recommendations approved by the Conference of European Statisticians, including also questions on issues topical in the country, e.g., population migration. Basing on the Population and Housing Census programme draft of Census questionnaire form was developed. When population answers on questions included in the form will be compiled, the requirements of the Regulation ‘’On Population and Housing Census’’ approved by the European Parliament and Council will be met completely.

In January 2008 under the supervision of the minister Kaspars Gerhards Population and Housing Census Commission begun their work. It is consultative and coordinating institution aim of which in the supervision of successful preparation and progress of Population and Housing Census 2011. During the year discussed were both project of the Population and Housing Census and organization of its progress. It has been envisaged that, residents will have possibility to fill in Population and Housing Census questionnaire form on the Internet, as well as telephone interviews and traditional face-to-face interviews will be used. As it has been planned to use administrative data sources, in the government commission discussions arose on quality of administrative register data and on opportunities to improve this information. Specific attention was paid to the cooperation with local governments during the preparation of the Population and Housing Census.

Continuing already started work at the beginning of the 2009 it has been envisaged to prepare the geographical information system ‘’Planning System of Survey Districts’’. The system will be used in the formation of Population and Housing Census interviewer districts. In the first half of 2009 it has been planned to develop ‘’Integrated System of Social Statistics Collection’’, which will be based on the use of laptop computers in face-to-face and Internet interviews, as well as in telephone interviews. System will be used not only for the compilation of Population and Housing Census data, but also in Agricultural Census 2010, as well as in future regular sample household statistical surveys.

All mentioned technological solutions will be tested during the pilot Population and Housing Census, which will be carried out in autumn of the next year. It has been planned that during the pilot survey three thousand persons in Riga, Preiļi and district of Kuldīga will be surveyed.

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