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On the preparation for the population census 2011

Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) in accordance with the Law on State Statistics continues preparation for the Population and Housing Census 2011. This will be the first Population and Housing Census after European Union (EU) accession. As a Member State of the EU Latvia should carry out the Population and Housing Census 2011 and compile information on previously agreed subjects.

The compiled information will be widely used, because the data of the Population and Housing Census is irreplaceable source of objective information necessary for state institutions for strategic planning of national economy, formation of economic, social and environmental policy, regional and infrastructure development planning, estimation of employment, needed for local governments – for control of socio-economic improvement perspective plan development and implementation in corresponding territories, for scientific research institutions – for researches related to issues on demography, employment, education etc., for entrepreneurs – for planning of economic activities in certain regions of Latvia, as well as for the society generally to acquire the information on the demographic situation in the country, living conditions, housing and education issues.

Currently the work is continued to develop the Integrated Data Collection System, which will ensure possibility to use new technologies of data compilation. CSB has planned that at the beginning and at the end of the Population and Housing Census it will be possible to fill in the questionnaire form also on Internet, thus saving the financial resources needed for the Census. Additionally method of telephone interviews will be used, which CSB is using already on regular basis to carry out statistical surveys. Interviewers will input the information in laptop computers, and that will improve the quality of initial data, as well as reduce the time of data compilation and processing.

During the Census wide range of information on the population of Latvia and housing will be acquired. For the Population and Housing Census CSB has developed questionnaire forms on housing and persons. Housing questionnaire includes questions on the number of members in the household, as well as such indicators characterising the housing as type of building, ownership, floor space, water supply system, type of heating, facilities, etc. Person questionnaire will include information on economic activity of the population, their education, legal marital status, nationality, language mostly used at home as well as migration. In addition population will be asked to give information on emigrated persons, and that will help to specify the number of Latvia resident population. To reduce the time of the interview, questions, answers to which may be found in state administrative registers, will not be asked to the respondents.

Methodology of the Population and Housing Census and new technological solutions in accordance with the common practice are envisaged to be tested in Pilot Population and Housing Census in September of this year, when approximately 2.7 thousand persons in six census areas will be surveyed.


Prepared by Population and Housing Census Section.
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