Third Population and Housing Census in Latvia in 1930 (in Latvian and in French)

2 January, 1930
State Statistical Office
Third Population and Housing Census in Latvia in 1930
Text and edition of Margers Skujenieks

Publication of State Statistical Office compiles information, data and tables on the results of the Third Population and Housing Census in Latvia:

  1. Number, gender and citizenship of population (number of population, urban and rural areas, population density, number of counted and resident population, gender, citizenship, electoral districts and number of voters);
  2. Ethnicity (report on the changes in national composition of population, ethnicities in urban and rural areas, separate ethnicities, ethnicity, ethnicity and citizenship, religion, gender and ethnicity, national composition of population living in eastern part of the country, ethnicity and citizenship, gender and ethnicity);
  3. Religion. Inner colonization;
  4. Age. Marital status;
  5. Reading and writing skills. School attendance;
  6. Birth place. Family language.

Issued in Riga, 1930

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