Results of the Population Population and Housing Census 2011 in Latvia

Population and Housing Census data collection brings together final summary data of the Population and Housing Census 2011 in Latvia on the population size and composition by sex and age, economic activity of population including branches of economy and occupations, level of education, ethnicities, country of birth, citizenship, internal and international migration, language mostly spoken at home, use of Latgalian, subtype of Latvian language, on a daily basis, households, families, as so as data characterising dwellings.
The most important data are given in comparisons with the data from previous Censuses. To show data prominently maps, including 1 km grid maps for some indicators, graphs as well as the key indicator summary tables, where the majority of indicators are given for each statistical region, city and county, are used.
In some cases, due to rounding adjustments slight discrepancies may occur between the total and sum of its components.
The data are published in compliance with the administrative-territorial division of Latvia on the date of Population and Housing Census, i.e. as of 01.03.2011.
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