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A new tool visualises Latvia’s exports, imports and trade flows

Taking into account the great interest of users on import and export statistics data, the Central Statistical Bureau launched a data visualisation tool that gives an overview on foreign trade of goods of Latvia. Import and export statistics tool is available on website 

“The new data visualisation tool will be particularly useful for employees of the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, for embassies, for representatives of external relations and other data users, for whom it is important to analyse development of foreign trade of goods,” emphasizes Anželika Pavlova, Deputy Director of Macroeconomic Statistics Department of the Central Statistical Bureau.

The interactive tool provides data on principal goods of imports and exports and main trade partners, as well as allows to select goods and countries one is interested in. It contains data on foreign trade since 2005, but the latest data on first seven months of 2019 – are provisional.

One of many export goods of Latvia are routers (switching and routing apparatus), exports of which has risen significantly since 2010. During seven months of this year this good was mostly exported to the United States of America, Poland and Russia, but, in general, during this period of time routers were exported to 146 different countries.

Export and import statistics is available for each country of the world. For example, it is possible to get to know which are the main export goods of Latvia to such exotic countries as Angola (wheat flour), the Faeroe Islands (sawn wood), Tajikistan (pharmaceutical products), Nigeria (wheat and meslin) and Peru (peat).

Data will be updated on monthly basis in, and the data can be searched, selected, visualised, and downloaded at all levels of Combined Nomenclature.

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