Imports by countries in 2006 (euro, kg and supplementary units of measurement; CN 2006)

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Most recent data period
December 2006
Total imports

Merchandise imports are shown in current CIF values (price of commodity including transportation and insurance costs up to the border of the importing country) according to the special trade system (without commodity flows to customs warehouses and free economic zones); in imports from the third countries indicating the last known country of origin (if it is not known, the country of consignment). From 2004 the arrival of goods from EU Member States is classified to the indicated country of consignment.

Data are compiled in compliance with so-called National principle, which unlike so-called Community principle does not include information on imports of goods, which certain EU Member State carries out in certain third country (which is not EU Member State) through Latvia, but starting from 2008 it does not include also data on commodity arrivals from certain EU Member State, which through Latvia exports goods to other third country, although in all mentioned cases customs declarations are lodged in Latvia.

Total volume of foreign trade imports includes the following flows of goods:

  • goods which are declared for consumption in Latvia,
  • goods which are imported for processing, undertaking liabilities regarding re-exportation,
  • exported goods which were imported after processing abroad.