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On costs of energy resources in 2009

Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia has arranged information on costs of energy resources in 2009.

The data on costs of energy resources are compiled in accordance with the internationally adopted methodology for the development of Energy Balance. Data show that in 2009 total costs of energy resources (oil products, solid fuel, fuel wood, natural gas, heat and electricity) comprised LVL 1918.0 mln (excluding value added tax), of which:

- In transport sector – LVL 633.4 mln (costs of energy resources used in all transport activities regardless the section of national economy, as well as population expenditure on fuel used in personal cars are included);

- In transformation sector – LVL 204.5 mln (includes costs of fuel volume consumed for the electricity production in CHP and costs of fuel volume consumed for the production of heat for sale);

- In industry – LVL 205.5 mln;

- In business and public sector 1 – LVL 263.8 mln;

- In agriculture, forestry and hunting – LVL 67.3 mln;

- In households – LVL 417.1 mln.

Total costs of energy resources in 2008 and 2009
(in per cent)

Costs of energy resources in 2009 comprised 14.5% of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP). Costs of energy resources per capita in 2009 comprised LVL 848, in 2008 – LVL 989, but in 2007 – LVL 802.

 Changes in consumption of energy resources in 2009 as % over 2008

In 2009 total costs of energy resources were 17.5% lower than in 2008. In 2009 the most notable reduction of the energy resource costs was observed in transport sector: -48.4% compared to the costs of 2008. Such a rapid reduction of the costs was influenced by the consumption decrease: -24.9%, as well as drop of the prices of energy resources. For example, prices of diesel oil for the transport in comparison with 2008 reduced by 20.2%, prices of petrol – by 14.5%, prices of LPG – by 14.4%.

In household sector a growth of the consumption and costs of the energy resources was recorded. Compared to 2008, the consumption of fuel wood in households in 2009 grew by 10.4%, but the increase of the costs was influenced by the prices of natural gas, which rose by 19.8%, as well as prices of heat – by 8%, electricity price – by 5.9%.

Changes of energy resource consumption and costs in industry


2009 as % of 2008






manufacture of basic metals



manufacture of chemicals and chemical products



manufacture of non-metallic mineral products



manufacture of transport equipment



manufacture of fabricated metal products, manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c., manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery, manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c., manufacture of radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus



mining and quarrying



manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco



manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media



manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials



manufacture of textiles and wearing apparel, dressing and dyeing of fur, manufacture of leather and leather products



manufacture of rubber and plastic products; manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks; manufacture of furniture; manufacturing n.e.c, recycling



Changes of total consumption and costs of selected energy resources


2009 as % of 2008



Oil products



Of which:


liquefied petroleum gas



motor and aviation petrol



diesel oil and oven fuel



residual (heavy) fuel oils






Natural gas






Wood waste



Wood chips



Wood briquettes



Pelleted wood









Information is compiled on all economically active enterprises, budgetary institutions, foundation, associations, and funds dealing with production, imports, exports, consumption and sale of energy resources.

In September 2010 informative leaflet “Costs of Energy Resources in 2009’’ will be published, and it will include average prices of energy resources in 2009.


Prepared by Environment and Energy Statistics Section
Vera Kriško
Tel. 67366768

1 Business sector and public sector according to Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community Rev. 2 (NACE): 41., 50.-52., 55., 63.-67., 70.-75.,80., 85.,90.-93., 99.

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