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Each third household uses electricity for cooking

Results of the Survey of Consumption of Energy Resources in Households conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in 2015 out of the energy resources consumed in households 65 % were used for space heating, 18 % for water heating, 8 % for cooking and 9 % for other needs, including for lighting and electrical appliances.

For cooking households mainly consumed electricity (32.7 % of all households surveyed), natural gas (29.7 %) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (24.1 %). Only small share of households (13.5 %) used fire wood for cooking.

The survey data show that one Latvia household on average consisted of 2.4 persons and the average heated floor space thereof comprised 69 m2. One household on average per month consumed 182 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity – 11 kWh less than in 2010.

In 2015, almost every Latvia household had colour TV (95.8 %), washing machine (89.0 %) and refrigerator (97.8 %). Notable increase was recorded in the number of portable computers possessed by households – from 24.0 % in 2010 to 48.1 % in 2015, while the share of households having stationary computers has dropped from 42.2 % in 2010 to 33.4 % in 2015. The share of households having various electrical appliances (kettles, dryers, freezers, dish washers) keeps increasing.

In 2015, on average each second Latvia household had passenger car. The survey results show that last year the average kilometrage of passenger car owned by household accounted for 13 210 km. Increasingly less households use passenger cars with gasoline engine. During the five recent years, the number of passenger cars running on diesel oil or LPG has risen by 156 % and 80 %, respectively, and the total kilometrage thereof has grown by 57 % and 167 %, respectively.

Total consumption of motor gasoline in 2015 (mln l)

Out of the total Latvia households, 57 % used district heating services. In Riga 82 % of households used district heating, in largest cities 72 %, in other towns 54 %, whereas in rural areas only 20 %. Out of all households surveyed 94 % paid heating bills based on the heated floor area, 5 % paid based on the heat meters, while other households paid based on other methods.

Number of households and area of heated floor space by region; 2015

All households that were using wood briquettes and pelleted wood were purchasing corresponding energy source, but fire wood was purchased by 64.2 % of households.

Approximately one third of the households (27.0 %) prepare fire wood by themselves, supplying from own agricultural land or forest, 1.1 % receive fire wood free of charge as a social assistance, while other households (7.7 %) obtain fire wood in other way.

The Survey on Energy Consumption in Households is aimed at finding out the volume of energy resources consumed in Latvia households and the costs thereof.  Out of all households surveyed, 35 % were located in Riga, 20 % in largest cities, 17 % in other towns and 28 % in rural areas.


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