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Key indicators of structural business statistics in 2010

The Central Statistical Bureau has compiled structural business statistics 2010 of all business sector economically active enterprises, including self-employed natural persons, by main kind of economic activity, covering the following sectors: industry1, construction, trade and services2.

The present press release includes the main indicators of structural business statistics: value added, gross output, purchase of goods and services, personnel costs and gross capital investments in tangible assets.

Value added produced by enterprises in the surveyed business activities at constant prices in 2010 comprised LVL 5532 mln, of which the largest share – LVL 2256 mln or 40.8% was formed by services. In industry and trade these indicators constituted LVL 1659 mln (30.0%) and LVL 1269 mln (22.9%), respectively. In its turn, value added produced by construction enterprises comprised LVL 348 mln or 6.3% of the total volume.

Compared to 2009, enterprise value added in 2010 increased by 5.2%, of which in industry - by 17.5% and in trade - by 15.1%. Decline can be observed in construction and in services of 19.3% and 2.5%, respectively.

Value added by main kind of economic activity in 2009 and 2010 (mln LVL)

In 2010 the main share of the structure of value added was formed by gross output (the residue of economic activity available to enterprises after covering personnel costs) – LVL 2907 mln or 52.5% of total value added. In its turn, personnel costs comprised LVL 2625 mln or 47.5% of total value added.

Compared to 2009, gross output in 2010 increased by 22.1%, of which in trade – by 64.9%, in industry – by 39.4% and in services – by 2.6%. In construction this indicator decreased by 16.4%.

Enterprise expenditure structure shows that the largest expenditure share was formed by costs for purchase of goods and services – LVL 21942 mln or 84.2% of total costs. Personnel costs, in its turn, constituted 10.1% (LVL 2625 mln) and gross capital investment in tangible assets – 5.7% (LVL 1484 mln).

Expenditure structure of enterprises by main kind of economic activity  (%)

Compared to 2009, in 2010 total costs of enterprises (at current prices) grew by 7.4%. Costs for purchase of goods and services increased by 12.5%, whereas gross capital investment in tangible assets declined by 20.9% and personnel costs by 8.8%.

Changes of enterprise expenditure in 2010 by main kind of economic activity compared to 2009 (%)


Total in sectors





Total costs






Costs for purchase of goods and services






Personnel costs






Gross capital investment in tangible assets






More information on business key indicators by kind of activity is available in the CSB data base.


Prepared by Enterprise Finance and Structural Statistics Section
Elīna Markaine
Tel. 67366825

1mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities

2transport and storage, accommodation and food service activities, information and communication, real estate, professional, scientific and technical activities, administrative and support service activities, repair of computers and personal and household goods

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