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Producer price indices in October 2006

Compared to September, producer prices in Latvian industry in October 2006 increased by 1.6% but compared to October 2005 the increase was 12.3%.

Producer price indices and changes in industry by the direction of product sales
(in per cent)

October 2006
(XII 2005=100)

October 2006 compared to

September 2006

October 2005

Industrial production, total




of which:

sold on the domestic market








Compared to September, the overall level of producer prices was mostly raised (by 0.9 percentage points) by the price increase in the manufacture of wood and of articles of wood (except furniture; mainly in sawing, planning and impregnation).

Over the year price increases in the manufacture of wood and of articles of wood (except furniture) have made the greatest impact on the overall price level raising it by 3.0 percentage points. The overall price level was raised by 1.9 percentage points due to price increases in electricity, gas, steam and hot water supply and by 1.2 percentage points due to price rises in the manufacture of food products and beverages.

Prepared by the Producer Price Indices Section
Price Statistics Department
Aleksandrs Grzibovskis

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