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On adjustment of industrial producer prices indices

Due to the adjustment of the respondent previously provided information, the Central Statistical Bureau has to adjust information on the changes of industrial producer price indices published in the press release ''On changes of industrial producer price indices in September 2007’’ on October 19. Previously published data show that, compared to the August, the Latvia industry producer prices in September 2007 did not change, but after the bureau received the respondent’s corrections in the information on prices, we have to inform, that producer prices in Latvia industry in September 2007, in comparison with August, decreased by 0.1%, but during a year, in turn, (compared to September 2006) the prices have increased by 15.5%.

(in per cent)

Previously published

Should be

September 2007

Price index (XII 2006=100)



Price changes, compared to

Previous month



Corresponding month of the previous year



The adjusted information will be available in the data base of the CSB after October 26 of this year and in Monthly Bulletin of Latvian Statistics No 2007/9.

Prepared by Price Statistics Department
Producer Price Indices Section
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Aleksandrs Gržibovskis

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