Non-financial accounts (thsd euro)

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Non-financial National Accounts

Non-financial National Accounts are part of the national accounts system systematically characterising various stages of economic process: production, income generation, income distribution, income redistribution, income use and non-finance accumulation.

Gross domestic product (GDP)

Gross domestic product (GDP) represents the total amount of end products and services produced in the territory of a country within a year. GDP is calculated on the basis of data on domestic production (at current and constant prices), expenditure (at current and constant prices) and income (only at current prices).

GDP from the production approach is calculated as the sum of all value added of all activities producing goods or providing services plus taxes less subsidies on products.

GDP from the expenditure approach consists of all final expenditure made in either consuming the final output of the economy or in adding to  wealth plus exports less s imports of goods and services.

GDP from the income approach is calculated as the sum of income earned via production of all goods and services plus taxes on production and imports less subsidies.