Total value added in statistical regions and cities by kind of economic activity and regional share (at current prices)

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Gross domestic product by regions

Gross domestic product (GDP) represents the total amount of end products and services produced within the territory of a country during a year. It is calculated on the basis of data on domestic production (at current and constant prices), expenditure (at current and constant prices) and income (at current prices only).

Gross domestic product in Latvia from the production approach is used as the basis for calculations by region. It is the sum of Gross value added (at basic prices) of all types of economic activity or institutional sectors and net value of taxes on production. Net value of taxes on production is the difference between taxes on production and product subsidies.  

Regional gross value added

Regional GVA is a measure of the economic activity of producer units resident in a region. In monetary terms GVA is expressed as a difference in value between the output of goods and services and intermediate consumption at current prices of the respective year.

Intermediate consumption represents the value of purchased goods and services that are used up in production (economic activity).