Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2013

In its content the yearbook is the most extensive annual publication that offers a broad picture of social and economic phenomena and processes in the country. The majority of data cover the time period from 2000 to 2012.

The yearbook provides information on social and political situation, economy and finance, population and social processes, sectors of national economy, as well as on science and technologies. A separate chapter compiles information on international comparisons of social and economic indicators. The publication contains 10 thematic chapters. Each thematic chapter contains several subheadings. The publication covers the following thematic sections: general data, economy and finance, population and social conditions, industry, construction, trade and services, agriculture, forestry and fishing, foreign trade, transport, energy and environmental protection, information technologies, science and innovations, comparative international statistics.

Information in the yearbook is given in tables, charts and maps, thus simplifying the perception of the information. In addition to the statistical information, explanations of the main statistical terms, methodological information on data sources and calculation methods of selected indicators are published in the yearbook. Information from the CSB and other institutions was used to compile the yearbook. Statistical information was obtained by conducting statistical surveys, as well as by using data from public registers and other information systems. The information source is indicated at the beginning of each chapter.

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