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On consumer price changes in December 2011

The consumer prices in 20111) have increased by 4.0%, of which prices for goods increased by 4.9%, while for services – by 1.6%.

The largest upward pressures to the price changes in 2011 were put by food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, as well as goods and services related to housing.

The prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages grew on average by 4.7%. The most notable price increase witnessed milk, cheese and eggs (+10.8%), meat and meat products (+5.4%), tea and coffee (+24.2%), as well as fats and oils (+10.5%). Growth was observed also in sugar prices (+32.5%), food salt prices (+18.3%), and soft drink prices (+12.9%). The most notable drop during a year was recorded for vegetable prices (-25.8%), as well as prices of potatoes (-20.6%) and fruit (-8.1%).  Also the prices of selected bread kinds and buckwheat diminished.

Prices of alcoholic beverages during a year rose on average by 3.6%, of which prices of spirits increased by 3.7%, of vines by 2.4%, and of beer – by 4.0%. Increase in spirits and tobacco product prices (+11.4%) was due to the growth of excise duty in last year.

The price rise in the housing group comprised on average 7.8%. The greatest upward pressure was applied by the electricity (+26.7%). The prices of heat energy grew by 2.7%, of gas by 8.3%, and of solid fuel – by 9.2%. Prices of refuse collection increased by 7.3% and prices of rent - by 6.2%.

Price rise in the transport group (of 6.2%) was mainly influenced by the growth in the fuel prices on average by 12.5%, of which prices of diesel increased by 15.0%, of petrol by 11.7%, but of automotive gas – by 9.1%. Along with the labour and material cost increase, prices for the maintenance and repair of transport equipment rose by 5.4%. Due to the growth of the fuel prices, also other services became more expensive, especially the prices of driver’s courses (+12.0%). Prices of passenger land transport services increased by 2.4%, while prices of airline tickets reduced by 6.0%. Prices of motor vehicles dropped by 1.6%.

Most notable increases among other consumption groups were recorded in the package holiday, hotel, catering and insurance service prices, as well as prices of footwear and non-durable household goods.

Meanwhile, prices of telecommunication and education services diminished, as well as prices of household appliances, furniture and floor coverings, audio, visual, photographic and data processing equipment.

Administered prices in 2011 increased by 6.8%, but average level of non-administered goods and services grew by 3.5%.

The annual average consumer price increase in 2011 was 4.4%.2)

Compared to November 2011, in December 2011 the average consumer price level remained stable (for goods the average price level decreased by 0.1%, but for services – increased by 0.2%).

The greatest upward pressures on the price changes during the month were put by food, alcoholic beverage and tobacco product groups, but downward – by clothing and footwear.

In food commodity group the most significant price rises were recorded in milk and dairy product prices (+2.8%), as well as prices of bread (+2.7%), non-alcoholic beverages (+2.1%), sausages, smoked and dried meat (+1.1%) - these goods became more expensive due the end of sales. Prices of fish products grew by 3.0%. The most notable price decrease, in turn, was recorded in vegetable prices (-7.0%), and prices of fresh meat (-1.7%), as well as fats and oils (-2.4%).

Prices of alcoholic beverages rose on average by 0.5%, mainly due to the end of vine and beer sales, but prices of tobacco products increased by 1.5%.

Also the prices of pharmaceutical products, flowers, airline tickets, sports and recreational goods rose.

Under the influence of the seasonal sales, the prices of footwear dropped by 3.5%, of clothing by 0.6%, but prices of clothing accessories – by 1.6%, nevertheless the prices of clothing materials grew by 1.3%.

Prices of fuel decreased on average by 1.3%. Due to the sales and Christmas discounts the prices of personal care goods, non-durable household goods, and household appliances reduced.

Consumer price change by commodity groups, %:

Commodity group

December 2010 - December 2011

November 2011 - December 2011







Alcoholic beverages and tobacco



Clothing and footwear



Housing, water, electricity, gas and fuels



Furnishing, household equipment and operation



Health care









Recreation and culture






Hotels and public catering



Miscellaneous goods and services



Sub-indices with most important impacts:

November 2011 - December 2011

Impact (percentage points)

Milk, cheese, eggs


Bread and cereal products


Tobacco products


Non-alcoholic beverages


Goods for personal care









December 2010 - December 2011

Impact (percentage points)





Milk, cheese and eggs


Tobacco products


Non-alcoholic beverages


Meat and meat products


Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery





More detailed information is available in the CSB data base.
Press release on consumer price changes in January 2012 will be published on 8 February 2012.

Prepared by Consumer Price Indices Section
Oskars Alksnis
Tel. 371-67366865

1)Price change between December 2011 and December 2010 (annual rate of change)
2)Price change between average 2011 and average 2010 (annual average rate of change)


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