Certificate on consumer price changes (inflation)

To receive certificate on inflation in the country (in a detailed breakdown, e.g., by regions, is not compiled) approved by the CSB, in a certain period of time in a free form indicate that certificate on consumer price changes is needed and specify information needed:

  • period (reference period is a month; inflation in a certain date of a month is not available),
  • consumption group if certificate is needed on a certain group not general indicator,
  • all other particulars (name of the addressee etc.) that have to be included in the reference issued by the CSB.

Also indicate:

  • for physical entities: name, surname, place of residence and telephone;
  • for legal entities: name, VAT registration number, bank account specifications, legal address and telephone.

It is advisable to indicate payment method convenient to you – a payment in cash at the Information centre of the CSB or a bank transfer.

Requests can be submitted by:

  • e-mail: info@csb.gov.lv;
  • postal mail: 1 Lāčplēša Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1301;

You can receive the reference prepared on your request:

  • at the Information centre upon payment in cash (at the previously agreed time) or with a previously made bank transfer. Information centre (library) at 1 Lāčplēša Street, Riga is open on working days from 10:00 until 17:00 upon request (to agree on time, please call +371 67366922.)
  • by postal mail, with previously made bank transfer.
  • by e-mail (signed with secure signature); with previously made bank transfer.


Preparation of references is a paid service - price per reference is EUR 1.51 (one period), additional charge for every next period - EUR 0.21.

Timeliness of response

Standard requests related to simple preparation of certificates can be fulfilled in a shorter period of time (3-4working days). In case you need your certificate urgently, please call +371 67366922.

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