Types of investment in manufacturing according to main groupings of production and size groups of enterprises (as per cent of the number of enterprises)

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Types of investment

Types of investment: investment in replacement of old equipment; investment in the increase of production capacity; Rationalisation investment; Investment for other purposes (for pollution control, for improving safety at work, etc.).

Qualitative evaluation made by heads of enterprises on the frequency of distribution of types of investment.

Large, medium and small enterprises

Enterprises are broken down into following groups:

  • large – employing 200 persons and more;
  • medium – employing 50 to 199 persons;
  • small – employing 1 to 49 persons.
Business Tendency Survey contains non-financial investment part which includes investment in technological machinery and equipment, houses, other buildings and structures (excluding investment in residential buildings), computer programmes, other fixed assets and inventory, as well as fixed asset formation and the costs of unfinished construction and capital repairs.